The Pomodoro Technique.


We need breaks in order to be fully present mentally, physically, emotionally.

A study from MIT found that people who got up from their desks and socialised during the workday were 10–15% more productive than those who didn’t. And I bet you can guess who left the job in a better mood.

Stepping away for a few moments enables the brain to think more creatively and stay fresh, as long as it doesn’t over flow into the times of focus. The simplest way to tap into this type of productivity is to schedule your time, choose where to invest your brainpower, and take real breaks.

Here are the pomodoro techniques:

Step one.

Remove all distractions.

Step two.

Choose a task.

Step three.

Set a timer for 25 minutes.

Step four.

Work only on that task.

Step five.

When the timer sounds, get up and take a 5-minute break.

Step six.


Step seven.

Every four sesssions, take a 15–20 minute break.

Even though it seems odd, using timers will condition you to work to consistent targets, which will then help you view deadlines as signs of progress rather than sources of stress.

The goal: work with time, eliminate burnout, manage distraction, and create a healthy work-break balance.

Oh, and remember… you are not your job.

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