What Is The Best State To Do My Best Work?


To do your best work, we need to be in a peak state.

The more we are in peak state, the more prepared we are to deliver our best work. So, we need to ask the question, when do I do my best work? Where? But, most importantly, emotionally, what is my best state to do my best work?

The good thing is you can design this so it happens more regularly. For example, if you know you do your best work after an hour’s run, you know what to do. If it is listening to your favourite music on repeat, then do that. If it’s early evening, after a cold beer, then do that. But you can develop a practice to get you to that state each day. The best time to shape your day is the morning.

Develop a morning ritual.

Take 20 minutes to prepare yourself for the day ahead.

  1. What am I grateful for?
  2. What am I thankful for?
  3. I then imagine how I feel if I achieve my goal. I write the acceptance speech for a piece of work I am putting my effort into. The imagination is a powerful tool. If you can convince yourself you are about to do your best work, your mind will be prepared for it.
  4. Then I do three sprints just to get the old ticker going.
  5. Then I have some bullet coffee, and then I fly to work.

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