What Is The Magic Of Reframing?


You don’t have to have the answer to ask a great question. A great question
reframes something in a way to think differently about the problem. And because you have approached the task with a different question, you will end up with a different answer. Lots of people go in search of answers. But if we want to be more creative, we need to ask better questions. The most creative people that you and I know, their secret is: ask better questions.

These questions have the power to give you an entirely new perspective not just on your day, not just on the piece of work you are trying to solve, but on your life.

Let me kick this one off with an example. Our competition is huge. So, if you accept that interpretation of the world, Hiut Denim Co can never win. But if you look at it another way: Big means slow. And this world is getting faster each day. Being slow in this world is a huge disadvantage. They are an ocean liner. And we are a speed boat.

This technique is called reframing, and it’s a super power to improve your psychology. Reframing is not about saying that something did not happen, or that person did say that thing, but it is about looking at a different interpretation of it. This happened, so it must mean…Or, it could mean something else completely. We get to decide.

The quality of your life is the quality of your communication, with yourself as well as with others.
Tony Robbins

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