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Aaron and Kaitlin Tait
Living Deliberately

Social Entrepreneurs   

DO Australia 2015
Running time: 22m 01s

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Social entrepreneurs Kaitlin & Aaron Tait share confronting stories about how their best intentions to change things in Africa nearly ended very badly; and how the experiences ended up changing them.  They talk about the power that comes with living deliberately – and the consequences, learning opportunities and challenging moments that come with trusting your gut.

Aaron and Kaitlin were born in Auckland and San Francisco respectively. In 2001, as eighteen-year-old Kaitlin went to Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley, and Aaron went to war, serving as a young military officer in Iraq.

At 21 Aaron was running a nightclub in Spain, and one night Kaitlin decided to party at that nightclub and they met.

Together Aaron and Kaitlin have travelled to 56 countries, built an orphanage in Kenya, turned around a secondary school for street kids in Tanzania and studied five Masters degrees with one of them from Cambridge University.

In 2011 Aaron and Kaitlin launched Spark* International, an organisation that has dramatically improved the lives of 40,000 people living in extreme poverty in Africa and the Pacific as well as the award-winning organisation Education Changemakers.

The Tait’s were the winners of the 2014 FYA Trailblazer Award.


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