Gillian Davis | Taking Charge Of Change


Gillian Davis
Taking Charge Of Change

Author of First Time Leader, Speaker and Coach

DO Wales 2016
Running time: 19m 42s

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"Change is great. Change is exciting. So let's help those that are struggling and teach them how we feel about change, and pass around the tools so that they can start feeling empowered that they can make their mark and start chipping away."

Growing up in Montreal, Canada, and being exposed to her family's Executive Recruitment business Gillian Davis quickly realized the power that culture and leadership had on organizations. After receiving her degree in Commerce she went to work in corporate but could never really find her fit. Her father was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and had to leave the family business without warning. Gillian immediately stepped in to support her mom run to the ship. Managing a team of 10, all of whom were a generation older than her, Gillian was inspired to co-write the book "First Time Leader; foundational tools to inspire and enable your team" (Wiley 2014) as a guide for others in her situation. 

She is now on a mission to bring more support for those stepping into first time management roles and to get people to re-think how we approach leadership in the modern age. Gillian works with organizations and individuals to ensure they are building great leaders, teams, and cultures in order to attract, recruit and retain the right talent. She believes in the power of possibility, breaking rules, and being brave.


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