Ian James and Nick Selby | Be Brave. In Fact Be Braver


Ian James and Nick Selby
Be Brave. In Fact Be Braver

Owners of Melrose & Morgan, a grocery shop and kitchen providing freshly prepared food and artisan products 

DO Wales 2016
Running time: 19m 54s

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"It's about taking a gamble, it's about pushing yourself, it's about letting go of something that isn't working for you."

Nick and Ian opened Melrose and Morgan in the Autumn of 2004. Their grocery shop in London’s Primrose Hill had soon garnered a reputation for championing artisan food producers, making simple tasty food and becoming a creative hub for the local community.

Before opening their first store, Nick had founded East Photographic, an Agency working with commercial photographers and clients including Conde Nast, Hermes, Motorola, and Saatchi and Saatchi.

Whereas Ian’s background was in the subsidised arts sector and in 2000 had overseen the redevelopment, opening and running of The Wapping Project - a Grade II* listed derelict power station in London’s East End. The building became synonymous with challenging and inspiring art in an unusual setting. 

Melrose and Morgan now employ a team of 45 individuals, has 2 shops in London, whilst a range of their products are stocked in Selfridges and Ocado. In 2014 they wrote and published Good Food For Your Table  - A Grocer’s Guide.


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