Orren Fox

Keeper of Happy Honeybees

"Failing is just as interesting as succeeding."

Orren is the author of Do Bee Keeping, the complete guide to keeping happy bees and harvesting their delicious honey.

This young apiarist has done more for Bee’s and their farming in his short years than most folks do in a lifetime.

Orren has now spread his wings (excuse the pun) into Chickens and runs the Happy Chickens blog educating everyone on the dos and don’ts of raising 35 chickens.


Barefoot Beekeeper
Orren FoxFood
Orren has 35 chickens, 4 ducks and 7 beehives. The honey his bees produce has been described as tasting of "peaches, apples and the Atlantic ocean", and has earned him a Honey-Off at the White House. Orren is a soulful and gifted young man who has...


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