Steve Glenn

Entrepreneur and CEO

"What makes a great company, are people who believe in a greater social mission behind what they're doing."

Steve Glenn is an entrepreneur committed to positive social change through both for-profit and non-profit organisations.

A fan of architecture and an avid Lego enthusiast from a very young age, Glenn tried his hand at design in college only to find he lacked both the talent and temperament to be an architect. Instead, Glenn concluded that the world could use more real estate developers who focus on projects that reflect a deep appreciation for the aesthetic, environment and communities in which they're created.

He believes that everyone deserves to live in a beautiful, well-built home that’s good for you and the environment. In 2006, Glenn founded LivingHomes, a residential design studio, company that aspires to 'wed profit and purpose' by developing homes that make great design, functionality, and sustainable design practical and affordable.

Currently, he is the CEO of Plant Prefab, a prefabricated home factory dedicated to sustainable construction, materials, processes and operations that was born out of Glenn’s own frustrations working within construction and architecture.


Let's Make Sustainable Housing For Everyone
Steve GlennFuture You
As a kid, Steve built cities out of Lego. Since then he has built LivingHomes, one of the most eco-friendly, sustainable house builders on the planet. In this talk he tells us how he did it, and why.
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