Bobette Buster


"If we all learn to listen, we will discover a better world."

Story guru, author, screenwriter and producer. Bobette Buster hails from small-town American, a region renowned for its storytellers.

Recently appointed Professor of the Practice of Digital Storytelling, Northeastern University, Bobette has over 25 years experience as a graduate (MFA) and Adj. Professor at the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts Peter Stark Program, and as a Hollywood producer and creative executive for Tony Scott, Larry Gellbart and Ray Stark. Bobette continues to consult for Hollywood's leading decision-makers and creatives at Pixar, 21st Century Fox, Disney Animation, Disney Channel and Sony Animation.

She also conducts seminars for film and business schools around the world, and in-depth, immersive workshops on how to be a storyteller for the DO Lectures, corporate and not-for-profit organisations, advertising, and idea conferences.


Discover The Art Of Listening
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