Katie Elliott | The Possibility To Change Stubborn Behaviours


Katie Elliott
The Possibility To Change Stubborn Behaviours

Founder of Little Challenges

Running time: 25m 15s

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“I have had a reoccurring tendency to get through 80% of what I was doing and then stop just at the point where I thought it was getting promising, or I'd fall apart and give up. The only thing I’ve done consistently in my life has been to crumble, and I don't want to inspire anyone to do that.”

Katie is one of the very few author-illustrators to have sold over 100,000 copies of a book featuring cartoon slugs (Fun Factory series, Boosey & Hawkes). She has also worked as a freelance puzzle designer for the RSPCA, performed in theatres all over the UK in an unflattering pastel catsuit, co-founded a social enterprise and home educated two sons. Until very recently, however, no matter what she did it was a struggle. In 2016 her life changed in a dramatic way. She now runs Little Challenges, a project inspired by all she had to learn to stop struggling and start enjoying life. Alongside work as a speaker, workshop facilitator and mentor, she is creating an online library of videos, podcasts and interviews, designed to help make the business of being human just a little bit easier.


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