Kris Hallenga | Live A Life That You Love


Kris Hallenga
Live A Life That You Love

Founder of Coppafeel Charity

DO Wales 2018
Running time: 26m 27s

Filed in: Social Change


“It’s about going back to a simple life. Actually taking it from someone who has done a lot... sometimes the beauty and the fun is in the more simple things. It's the little things that count. Do check your boobs.”

Kristin Hallenga is a Sun columnist and founder of breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel!. She received public attention after being pro led in Kris: Dying to Live, a documentary that covered her experience living with terminal breast cancer. In 2009, she won a Pride of Britain Award. Driven by the di cult experience, Kristin Hallenga and her sister Maren devoted themselves to educating young people about the dangers of late diagnosis of breast cancer.


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