Marcus Veerman | Listen To Your Mojo Meter


Marcus Veerman
Listen To Your Mojo Meter

Founder and CEO of Playful

DO Australia 2015
Running time: 23m 05s

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Marcus Veerman draws our attention to the importance of paying attention to your internal ‘mojo meter’. On the topic of play and playgrounds, he explores how we need to tune into our ability to listen to our own signs of wellbeing, and how to tend to those.

After a decade of outdoor education, counselling, and long-term youth mentoring, Marcus found himself on the Thai-Burma border when his wife landed a volunteer job there. On arrival, Marcus had absolutely no idea what he would do so he made a commitment to simply be open and say yes to whatever opportunities arose. 

Saying "yes" led to helping local communities build over 40 custom playgrounds in 2 years using local tools and materials. 

This was an incredible experience but building a new playground every 2 weeks took its toll. In his final year in Thailand he contracted influenza type B, Dengue Fever and had his appendix out - so to avoid total burn-out and early death, he started wondering if there was a better way.....

Using this experience and the driving motivation that others around the world were now asking for playgrounds, it was time to rethink. In 2010, was born. Playground Ideas is a place where anyone, anywhere can get the tools and resources they need to build a place for play. This initiative has now spawned a global community in over 72 countries impacting around 300,000 children at less than a $1 per child and growing quickly.  

Marcus has been listed as one of the top 100 public interest designers and is keen to grow this kind of online empowerment model further. 


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