Marcus Veerman

Founder and CEO of Playful

After accidentally spending 2 years on the Thai-Burma border helping local communities build over 40 custom playgrounds using local tools and materials, Marcus launched PlaygroundIdeas.org.

Playground Ideas is a place where anyone, anywhere can get the tools and resources they need to build a place for play. This initiative has now spawned a global community in over 72 countries impacting around 300,000 children at less than $1 per child - and growing quickly.

Marcus has been listed as one of the top 100 public interest designers and is keen to grow this kind of online empowerment model further.


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Marcus VeermanFuture You
After a decade of outdoor education, counselling, and long-term youth mentoring, Marcus found himself on the Thai-Burma border when his wife landed a volunteer job there. On arrival, Marcus had absolutely no idea what he would do so he made a commitm...
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