Mark Earls

Writer and Consultant on Human Behaviour

Mark Earls (aka HERDmeister) is the pioneering and award-winning writer of the hugely influential book 'Herd: How to Change Mass Behaviour by Harnessing Our True Nature'.

For many, he’s Britain’s answer to Malcolm Gladwell without the hair. A great talent. And an influential thinker for this modern world we live in.

While Mark spent the first half of his career working for creative businesses like the revolutionary St Luke’s and the unstoppable Ogilvy, he now works independently in collaboration with others as a consultant on marketing, communications and behaviour change.


Understanding The Super Social Ape
Mark EarlsFuture You
Mark Earls believe we are all 'a super-social ape'. We exist to converse, to chat, to gossip. And that whole social movements can be explained by utilising this core theory. An influential thinker for this modern world we live in, his talk digs unde...
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