Marie Mitchell | Finding My Way Back Home


Marie Mitchell
Finding My Way Back Home

Founder of Pop's Kitchen and Co Founder of Island Social Club

DO Wales 2019
Running time: 15m 09s

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“Growing up in Britain you don't really hear enough about the contribution that black African and Caribbean immigrants have actually made, and so this my investigation in which to understand that and share that with the world. It’s a way of rerouting Caribbean culture in the UK.”

Marie is the founder of Pop’s Kitchen and co-founder of Island Social Club, bringing high-quality Caribbean food to the UK. She is embracing the vegan market with her fusion of Caribbean and European recipes. But above all, she has built a life for herself with a background of a family tragedy, finding her voice through food. Her hope is that through Island Social club, she can inspire other women to embrace building their own businesses and follow their dreams. In the future, her aim is to employ people from less privileged backgrounds and reclaim back the recipes of her ancestors.


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