Matt "Mills" Miller

Co-Founder of ustwo

"We wanted to build a place where it was totally normal to care about the people in the business and not just be driven by profit."

Mills co-founded fampany ‘ustwo’ in 2014 with his best friend, Sinx. The success of ustwo is made up of multiple parts: Digital Product Design Agency, Independent Games Studio, Investment Fund and most recently, The Adventure Playground.

Mills and Sinx have built a strong company ethos driven by creating a meaningful impact on our world through their products. They have created the hugely successful Monument Valley franchise, downloaded over 150 million times and changed the perception of what mobile gaming could be.

In 2017 Mills stepped away from the more operational duties at ustwo to focus on a solo quest. He quit alcohol, became vegetarian, started training as an ultra-runner and embarked on producing the hugely unpopular JFDI podcast.


Build A Fampany, Not A Company
Matt "Mills" MillerBusiness
Sit down and brace yourself for a roller coaster of a ride through the inner workings of Mills' mind!

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