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Michelle Matthews
The Modern Day Nomad

Publisher and Founder of ‘Deck of Secrets’

DO Australia 2014
Running time: 20m 13s

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“I have absolutely everything I need. And yet, I have barely a fraction, and absolutely no chance, of ever acquiring all the things that I fleetingly and frivolously want.” Michelle offers that being satisfied with what we have can be achieved by applying golden rules of minimisation and simplicity.

Michelle Matthews is a global nomad from Melbourne. She founded the city & island guide publishing company ‘Deck of Secrets’ using print & app formats and now travels the world immersing herself in hospitality culture. Her essential accessories for this life on the road are AirBnB; her red four-wheeled suitcase and a minimalist attitude. With a mind geared to observation and her Instagram account, Michelle has a SIM for every nation she visits.