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Nigel Annett
Behaviour Follows Purpose. Build Something That Matters

Founder of Welsh Water

DO Wales 2014
Running time: 21m 55s

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Nigel built Glas Cymru’s revolutionary non-profit model of communal ownership from Britain’s biggest bond issue that stemmed from the unwavering belief that water is a public commodity, not a private enterprise and that best practice is more important than lining the pockets of shareholders. Consequently, it is one of the country’s most valued and trusted organisations when it comes to the local economy, environmental protection and public health. What he has crafted is a solution. It just works--Glas Cymru has become the envy of the United Kingdom. So, want to know how to increase investment and lower bills? Ask Nigel.

Nigel’s first career was as an investment banker in the City - but a desire to do a proper job brought him to Wales 25 years ago. He put his City experience to good use when he formed Glas Cymru and raised the money to buy Welsh Water in 2001. 

As a result, the water industry in Wales is now owned on behalf of the people who rely on Welsh Water every day for the most essential of public services. Nid er elw, er budd Cymru. Nigel has two grown-up sons, lives outside Brecon and is making slow progress to being able to speak Welsh fluently.


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