Tim Drake | How Young Is Your Brain?


Tim Drake
How Young Is Your Brain?

Author and Entrepreneur

DO Wales 2012
Running time: 19m 03s

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What's the difference between a young brain and an old brain? And what to do if you think your brain may be the wrong side of 30.

Tim spent more than a decade in Fast Moving Consumer Goods, ending up as Client Services Director of the global advertising agency BBDO.

He then co-founded a retail business that achieved a turnover of £17 million. Selling the business in 1992, Tim has built up a portfolio of interests.

He set up, and Chairs, three Think Tanks for Chief Executives, including the Sports and Leisure Industry, with CEO from brands such as Nike, Reebok, and Adidas.

Tim’s latest book, published in 2009, entitled You Can Be As Young As You Think. It is an uplifting and practical guide to moving from Old Brained, anxious, defensive, closed, thinking, to Young Brained, creative, enthusiastic and open thinking.


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