Tim Drake

Author and Entrepreneur

“The whole unlocking of the imagination is having fun.”

Tim Drake is a keynote speaker to business audiences around Europe on motivation and unlocking potential. He has co-founded and run businesses, think tanks and charities.

Tim spent more than a decade in Fast Moving Consumer Goods, ending up as Client Services Director of the global advertising agency BBDO. He then co-founded a retail business that achieved a turnover of £17 million.

Now in his seventies, he believes that he, like most people, has more to give and more to learn. His CEO Think Tanks have been running for twenty-five years, and he still thrives in the shared learning they provoke. Within each industry, they are made up of members from all parts of the supply chain with the aim of rattling mental cages and keeping thinking open and agile.

He also recognises that challenges and setbacks are part of life and need to be addressed with courage, humour and a mindset based on resilience, gratitude, fairness and a desire to give back.

His latest book Do Agile, shares insights into the importance of staying mentally agile in our increasingly complex, and rapidly evolving, world.


How Young Is Your Brain?
Tim DrakeFuture You
What's the difference between a young brain and an old brain? And what to do if you think your brain may be on the wrong side of 30.


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