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Tina Roth Eisenberg
Trust Breeds Magic

Swiss-born, Brooklyn-based Designer and Blogger

DO USA 2013
Running time: 32m 26s

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“Passive income is the magic sauce to your life.”

An epic design maven who creates fascinating cultures and conversations.

Tina grew up in the mountains of Switzerland but moved to NYC to work as a graphic designer in 1999.

She worked in various prominent design firms to then start her own design studio in 2006.

With the birth of her second child in 2010, she decided to take a client sabbatical to focus on her various side projects. The hiatus has been extended indefinitely and Tina now runs four businesses out of DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Tina runs a collaborative workspace called Studiomates, organizes a global, monthly lecture series called CreativeMornings, is the inventor of the to-do app TeuxDeux, and just recently changed the worlad of temporary tattoos with her latest project Tattly.

Tina is often referred to as Swissmiss after her popular design blog which is also the name of her Twitter handle.


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