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Keyboard CEO Pro

This course will take you through the simple steps to turn your keyboard into a marketing department that punches well above its weight.
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Your keyboard has 26 letters. Just like everyone else’s.

So how come a few people take those letters and build incredible businesses? While most people struggle. The answer is not what you think. They are not better writers. They are not superhuman.

They are more like you than you think.

Except they have learnt how to squeeze the hell out of the lemon that we call the keyboard. They made a DECISION not to dabble at this thing. Dabbling is dangerous. Dabbling saps your soul. Dabbling takes longer and gives you sub-par results. Dabbling is a dream killer. And it’s your dream it’s killing.

(If you only take one thing from this, PLEASE stop dabbling.)

But there is another way…that actually works. It’s called turning PRO. And the reason I know it works is because over a thousand people have done the ‘Keyboard CEO online course; they are real people with real businesses who made a DECISION to stop dabbling.

And turn PRO.

They left struggle. And got great results. And importantly, started enjoying this thing again.

I know there are a lot of courses out there that promise you the world, but rarely deliver. And if it does work, it takes every waking hour and you end up with a great business and no life.

That is not the answer.

When you DECIDE TO TURN PRO, you learn that working longer is the amateur way of growing your business. The PRO learns the capabilities that deliver better results without more hours. Because they learnt how to OPTIMISE the keyboard, and not MAXIMISE their time.

You know those people who you see going for a coffee in the morning? Who don’t look like the world is on their shoulders? Who have plenty of time for their family?

They have turned PRO.


But first, if you have tried anything like this before and you’re sceptical of what I am promising here…

I get it.

So here are some words from people who made the DECISION TO STOP DABBLING AND TURN PRO:

I followed David’s re-launch framework at the start of March and generated £18k of sales off the back of it. Very happy days.


The lessons learned on this course will be instrumental to how we will build and run our business.

Nick Russil

I had two coaching inquiries last week and decided to change tactic based on David and Mike’s advice. The outcome? Two new clients in a week and a 500% ROI on the money invested in KCEO already.

Nick Cramp

The KCEO changed everything for me...I know that without that course I would still be on that train without a destination and god knows where I would've ended up.

Suzanna James

I became a pro in 20 hours. So can you.

Rory Ford
Course info

What will I learn?

  • How To Get From Stuck To Unstuck.
  • How To Be Small Yet Influential.
  • How To Give Your Brand A Unique Voice.
  • How To Write Hooks.
  • How To Know Your Customer Like You Have Never Done Before.
  • How To Have A Big Idea And Launch It.
  • How To Create A Demand System.
  • How To Turn Constraints Into Creativity.
  • How To Work Less But Get Better Results.
  • Plus A Whole Load Of Secret Pro-Tips

Is this course for me?

  • Are you a Company Of One?
  • Are you C.E.O (Chief Everything Officer) of a small business?
  • Are you an Exec who wants to be an ex-Exec?
  • Are you ready to take your Side Project Pro?
  • Are you ready to stop being most people
  • Are you ready to work for YOU, not your Boss?

This course will be your blueprint to grow your business after two of the most challenging years.

what to expect

The 8 lessons

1. YOU+
You want to arrive at your desk ready to do your best work. And that won't happen unless you put yourself into a peak state.
2. Know your tribe
Every brand has a Betty. Who are they? And what do they want? Clarity will get what you want. The lack of clarity will keep you busy.
3. Grow your capabilities
Your brain is made for having ideas, not holding them. Your System is your superpower. Learn to unleash it.
4. Big idea
One idea could change everything. Big ideas are everywhere, learn where to find yours and how to launch it.
5. Influence
The way to be both small and strong is to scale influence, not size. Learn to be a skyscraper. Even if it's just for a day.
6. How to write hooks
Attention is your currency. Learn to write words that are simply impossible to ignore. Step by step. Win by win.
7. Creating a demand system
Knock, knock: Who's there? Learn to become a demand creator. Do something people need, even if they didn't know.
8. How to find your voice
You have the monopoly on being you. You can't fake it. You know your strengths. You know your weaknesses. You got this.

Meet your coaches

David Hieatt
Co-Founder of The DO Lectures and Hiut Denim
David Hieatt has built brands from nothing with next to nothing, just by understanding a few basic rules of how to sell his story. One sentence at a time. Bankrupt at 16 and thrown out of college at 18. He joined Saatchi and Saatchi at 21. Had a ball. But after a decade or so, he left advertising to go back to Wales and build his own brands. He started howies in 1995. Sold it to Timberland. Left. Started The DO Lectures, which was voted one of ...
Founder - Habitualise & Tiny Habits Coach
After an award-winning career as an advertising copywriter, Mike was an early, very early, adopter and advocate of social media. (He was the 11,700th person to spot the potential of and sign up for Twitter in 2006.) In 2016 he was hired by The DO as Creative Director on the hugely influential Side Projects Report. As if he didn’t have enough on his plate writing that, it was also time, that he trained and certified as a qualified Tiny Habits coa...
what to expect

Course benefits

Condensed, fine tuned, real world
It took us 20+ years to learn the lessons in this course. You can learn them today and 10x your success.
Actionable frameworks
8 deep dive video lessons. Bonus material. Countless step-by-step techniques and frameworks to put knowledge into practice.
Yours for life
This course, the lessons and the content within, is yours for life. So you can revisit the learnings at any time.

The power of this community

We believe deeply in the power of community and the sharing of ideas and learnings with one another. So a dedicated course workspace has been set up on the messaging platform Slack, for participants to interact with each other. You will receive instant access when you buy the course.

Best money I ever spent on a course.

Bronwyn Riedel

9 years freelance and I ain’t spent a cent on training. After 8 lessons with David and Mike I’d do it every year. And happily pay double.

Adrian Bentley

Punchy. F*cking powerful. And so damn useful. It's got tips and damn good questions that I know I will keep coming back to when I need to clarify how we work.


The most inspiring and motivational course I have ever attended.

Daryl Fisher

The course I didn’t know I needed.

Mat Barnes

This course helped me fall back in love with my business and feel excited for the future. The tortoise wins!


One of the best courses I have ever taken. What Mike and David are doing is head and shoulders above anyone else.

Rodney Eason

Awesome in the truest sense of the word.


More of an MBA than an MBA.

Kate Shepherd

David and Mike are exceptional.

Bill Anthes

The Keyboard CEO has completely transformed the way I look at my business.


I used to dread online courses. David Hieatt and Mike Coulter shattered that feeling with The Keyboard CEO. Their course blew my mind and strengthened my soul.


This is the best business educational course I've ever done.


What more could you possibly want out of a course?

Gina Mula

We've got answers

I've done a few of your other courses. How does this one differ?
I’ve tried my hand at writing before and not seen much effect. Will you be able to help?
I’m not sure If I have the time for another online course.
I'm a team of one but I outsource the writing. Would this course help me learn how to do it myself?
This sounds too business-y for me.
I'd like my team to do this course.
How long will I have access to this course?
What if I buy it and don't see the value?
30 day guarantee

If for some reason it’s not everything you expected, let us know within 30 days of the start of the course and we’ll refund you every penny. No questions asked.


7+ hours
Available now
7+ hours
Available now
Keyboard CEO Pro
David HieattBusiness
Learn how to write your company into growth. It’s a busy world. How are you going to stand out? It’s not by outspending the competition. Hmmm. This course will be your blueprint to grow your business after the most challenging of years. Without a marketing budget, without a marketing team, without working every hour. This course will give you the capabilities, the confidence, and the certainty that you are enough. Yup, more than enough.

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