Alistair Smith

Creator of Accelerated Learning

“Genuine learning involves negotiated risk.”

Alistair Smith has been described as “the UK’s leading trainer in modern learning methods” training educators, parents and developers in the UK and abroad.

As Chair of Alite, he helps design and delivers their extensive training and development support programmes for schools. This includes the acclaimed, ‘Going to Outstanding and Beyond.’ Alistair’s highly respected and award-winning Accelerated Learning model has been used in classrooms as a means of raising pupil motivation and achievement.

Alistair also has a dual career in professional sport. He is the designated learning consultant to the English Football Association where, on behalf of their 50,000 students, he helps modernise training and coaching provision.


Why We Need To Change How We Learn
Alistair SmithEducation
An inspiring talk from Alistair Smith, about how to deliver great learning, which will endure.
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