Meredy Benson Rice

Head of Oak Grove School

"I knew I didn't want to do school the way school had been done to me."

Meredy Benson Rice is a life-long educator and Head of Oak Grove School. A small school with big ideas, nestled in the bucolic hills of Ojai California, that seeks to nurture the “agile mind.”

Based on the guiding principles of J. Krishnamurti, Meredy and her team seek to foster the intellectual capacity and skills necessary to function with excellence in society, and at the same time to develop a foundation for inquiry into perennial questions of human life.

She is the author of Wisdom Palace, A Blue True Dream of Sky and Dreamcatcher, which was shortlisted for the Ontario Library Association's Silver Birch Award.


Embracing The Agile Mind
Meredy Benson RiceEducation
Meredy is the Principal of Oak Grove, a school founded and based on the guiding principles of J. Krishnamurti. The school is small by intention. Only 200 pupils. Because she wants each of them to feel they are well known, well loved and well cared f...
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