Ciara Judge and Emer Hickey

Winners, Google Global Science Fair 2014

“If you have a seed without nourishment it’s not going to grow, and we need this growth for our world to be a better place.”

Ciara and Emer, along with their teammate Sophie, won the Google Global Science Fair in 2014 aged just 17 years old.

Their innovation used a natural soil living bacteria to increase crop productivity by up to 74%, which could help solve the global food crisis thereby reducing world hunger.

They have been recognised by Time magazine as being amongst the top 25 most influential teenagers in the world, and Ciara and Emer continue to develop their innovation with experts in the field.


How Two Teens Are Changing The Food Industry
Ciara Judge and Emer HickeyFood
By 2050, we will need to feed 9 billion people worldwide. A mammoth challenge. The food that is currently produced is enough for every citizen of the globe to consume 2800 calories a day - that's enough for everyone to be gaining weight - and yet mil...
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