Jack Adair Bevan

A Quarter of The Ethicurean

“Food is a living thing, wine is a living thing, and all the people that work on the land are living things as well. If they're happy and if they do it in the right way, and if they treat the animals properly then you end up with a happy product.”

Co-Founder The Ethicurean, a beautiful restaurant within a Victorian walled garden in Somerset. Hailed as the UK’s answer to Noma, the team forage, ferment, hunt and cure the majority of their menu with fresh produce grown in view of the restaurant on site. Their cookbook, published in 2013, received critical acclaim.

Jack has won a number of awards for his cocktail making that focuses on British ingredients and foraged elements.

Along with his three friends, he launched The Collector Vermouth, in November 2014, made from herbs grown in the walled garden and botanicals picked on the Mendip Hills in Somerset.

More recently Jack became Creative Partner at Earthly, a collective of brilliant creative brains who want to help imagine a brighter future for our species and the planet. They aim to reclaim advertising spaces with better messages. To persuade folk to consume a little less of what they don't need, and more of what they do.


How Do You Rethink Traditions?
Jack Adair BevanFood
Jack is one-quarter of The Ethicurean, a somewhat accidental restaurant set within a Victorian walled garden in Somerset, and now hailed as the UK’s answer to Noma. He talks us through the history of the business and the team's approach - which incl...
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