Eduardo Garcia

Bionic Chef and Co-Founder of the Food Company Montana Mex

“A meal is not just what we eat, but a rich story of who we are.”

Optimism, enthusiasm and charisma wrapped up in one beautiful being named Eduardo. Look up optimism in the dictionary and you will probably see the name, Eduardo Garcia.

A mountain boy from Montana, Eduardo is a chef, outdoor fanatic and co-founder of the Montana Mex food company.

He travelled the world extensively from 2001-2011 as a chef on superyachts where he cooked for royalty and the rich and famous.

In 2011 Eduardo left the yacht to co-found Montana Mex, a Mexican inspired food company. He also started a film concept called ‘Active Ingredient’ which explores cooking food in the great outdoors, improvising with the environment at hand and aims to educate, inspire and blow the lid off the hardscrabble notion of ‘cooking outside’ using creative and gourmet techniques.

His plans were on track, but in October 2011, while elk hunting in the Montana backcountry, Eduardo was electrocuted by an unmarked power source. Through unbelievable odds, he found help and was med jetted to Salt Lake City’s Burn ICU where he spent 50 days fighting for his life. With 21 surgeries to date and a few more to go, he is firmly back in the game, running his company, working on his show and pursuing his passion to lead a productive and healthy life.

Eduardo is on a mission to positively impact those around him and those he has yet to meet…


Joie Du Vivre
Eduardo GarciaFood
Life doesn't always turn out as we expect it to, and this was definitely the case for Eduardo. But he is now on a mission to positively impact those around him and those he has yet to meet…
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