Dan Kieran

CEO and Co-Founder of Publishing Platform Unbound

“Unless you have a word to capture it, then you can't think about it.”

Dan Kieran is the CEO and co-founder of the award-winning publishing platform Unbound.

An author and travel writer, he spent ten years writing books (including a Sunday Times Bestseller) until a combination of the crash of 2008 and the dominance of Amazon led to a drastic cut in his and his fellow author's earnings.

Convinced that publishing could be re-shaped to serve authors and readers, he launched Unbound with two friends and fellow authors in 2011.


You Think You Have Ideas But Ideas Have You
Dan KieranBusiness
An impassioned talk from Dan on the greatest idea that's ever had him. That idea struck in 2011 when Dan was sat on his lunch break from his minimum wage job, on a beach in Bognor Regis. An author and travel writer, he had spent ten years writing bo...


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