Erik Hersman

Founder of leading tech company connecting Africa, BRCK

“The reason we do this is so that people are able to have a better lively hood and be apart of their global digital economy.”

Erik Hersman is the man leading BRCK, a team of dedicated individuals trying to connect Africa to the internet.

BRCK is a rugged wireless WiFi device designed and engineered in Kenya for use throughout emerging markets. He is also a co-founder of iHub, Nairobi’s innovation hub for the tech community, and co-founder of Ushahidi, the free and open-source software for crowdsourcing crisis information.


It’s Possible To Do Hard Things In Difficult Places
Erik HersmanTechnology
Around 800 million people in Africa don’t have access to the internet. Erik Hersman and his team at BRCK want to change that. They're on a mission to connect people and things across the continent; getting individuals and businesses online and helpi...
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