James Kerr

Author and Consultant

“It's our opportunity, our obligation, our privilege, our moment to lend our voice, to write our chapter to make our mark to add to the legacy.”

James Kerr is a writer, speaker, and consultant focussing on developing team identity to deliver world-class performance.

His bestselling book 'Legacy, 15 Lessons in Leadership', takes the All Blacks – the world’s most successful team - as a case study for what it takes to develop a world-class ‘values-based, vision led, purpose-driven' cultural environment.


The ‘Why’ Within Culture And What Drives Sustainable Success?
James KerrBusiness
James shares lessons from his book 'Legacy - 15 Lessons in Leadership', which takes the world’s most successful sporting team (the All Blacks) as a case study for what it takes to develop a world-class, values-based, vision led, purpose-driven cultur...
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