Josh and Lauren Capelin

Founders of Homework

Entrepreneur couple Lauren and Josh Capelin

Lauren is an accomplished speaker, consultant and entrepreneur, having spent the last 4.5 years working with Rachel Botsman at Collaborative Lab, helping to build and grow the international socio-economic movement of collaborative consumption. Lauren is highly passionate about politics, financial literacy, women in entrepreneurship and world-changing social ventures.

Josh has a beautiful belief that anything's possible, and is always ready to get his hands dirty, whether it's diving into launching his first business, JosephMark, straight out of university, running an international film festival for Sydney's cycling community, dreaming up projects for his pop-up shop, telling stories through interesting brand and content partnerships with his business partner Matty at Projucer, or building beautiful co-working spaces like Homework and Common Room for amazing people to work and collaborate.


Better Together
Josh and Lauren CapelinBusiness
Entrepreneur couple Lauren and Josh Capelin look at the important ingredients of a creative partnership, both in business and personal life. Their talk covers the importance of pushing and being pushed – working out when and how to pay close attentio...
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