Judy Van Niekerk

Co Founder of the Tribe of Traders and The Digital Bra

“I thought that purpose came from outside. I thought that acceptance came from outside. Not from within.”

Judy first became an entrepreneur out of necessity, having been fired from every job she ever had. She has endured many difficult challenges in her life but these experiences have led Judy to never see obstacles, only opportunities.

Along with her partner, Tiny, Judy uses all the learnings from the challenges she has overcome to work with people all over the world, helping them to become financially independent.

  • Some subjects in this talk may be upsetting.


I Would Rather Have The Whole World Against Me Than My Own Soul
Judy Van NiekerkBusiness
An honest talk on how the challenges of our past shape the person we are today. Having experienced challenges throughout her life Judy has learnt to do things her way, and as a result, never sees obstacles only opportunities. Which is reflective of...

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