Kym Pham

Transformation Architect

“My heart is in a continuous state of wonder.”

Kym Pham loves the kind of journey that honours and transforms a life. This is why she has chosen the road as home (in nearly 100 countries).

As a Transformation Architect, she designs mystical wild journeys for wild-hearted humans, sometimes in person, sometimes online. Through the medicine of our Earth and the natural magic that emerges within an extraordinary group, a transformation happens. A remembering. A reverent return to the Soul.

In between hosting Soul Journeys, she coaches and guides clients on knowing, expanding, and expressing their magic.


Make Your Day Beautiful
Kym PhamAdventure
What would your life look like if you honoured your body's invitation? Kym works 4 hours every few months and has built a business without a computer. Everything she does is guided by her body. She is extremely present in the moment and attentive to...
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