Matt Hackett

Entrepreneur, investor, engineer

"Change our relationship with images, so that we're thinking about them more critically. Rather than simply let them guide every decision in our lives, we're actually interacting with them, asking important questions about them and actually stopping this flat."

Matt Hackett was co-founder and CTO of Beme, a video platform launched in summer 2015 that aims to bring honesty and empathy back to social media.

Previously, he was was VP Engineering at Tumblr, joining when the whole team fit around a lunch table and seeing it grow to a passionate global audience of 150 million.

Most recently before Beme, Matt was a Hacker-in-Residence at Betaworks. He is also currently a Part-Time Partner at Notation Capital and advisor to startups such as Giphy and to.be.


Distrupt Our Relationship With Images
Matt HackettTechnology
In summer 2015, Matt Hackett launched Beme - a video platform that aims to bring honesty and empathy back to social media. He is on a mission to disrupt the flood of images in our daily lives and change our behaviour so that we think about them more...
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