Matt Hart

Idea Polymath

“The scientific method of hypothesis, exploration and discovery is what unpins innovation.”

Matt Hart is a global innovator.

He starts with an idea and uses innovation to add value to working up a better 'idea' faster. His approach is to figure things out as you go along. That creates speed by learning from doing. And learning from the insights that doing gives you.

He is a human accelerator. Boom.

A 6ft 2ish, straight-talking, t-shirt & jeans-wearing, business / social / environmentally responsible, surfing, laid back, coffee-loving, naturally curious kiwi with 20+ years experience bringing new and innovative products, people and culture to life.


Better Ideas Faster
Matt HartBusiness
Matt Hart shares with us his approach for using innovation to add value and work up a better 'idea' faster; creating speed from learning-by-doing and learning from the insights that doing gives you. Meet the human accelerator. Boom.
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