Owen Rogers

Partner at IDEO

“How do you embrace failure to succeed sooner?”

Owen Rogers is a partner at the design innovation firm IDEO on a mission to make things just a little better.

He works side-by-side with leaders to develop tools and knowledge that will bring core transformational shifts within their organisations. Harnessing his expertise in helping leaders unlock their creative potential, Owen co-founded IDEO’s online school, IDEO U, in 2015.

Owen’s clients include IAG, Pacific Life, HBO, Virgin, Timberland, Comedy Central, Toronto International Airport and AAA NCNU.


How You Measure Betterness Not Biggerness
Owen RogersBusiness
Owen shares the lessons he has learned from his work at IDEO, from his Welsh roots and from launching his own cleaning product. He provides insight into what makes a business better, and how in the end it's all down to people. Always.
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