Phil Parker

Author, Osteopath, NLP Trainer and Founder of Lightning Process

“We are all geniuses. We are all amazing. We are extradorinary.”

20 years ago Phil created the Lightning Process, which helps individuals to profoundly change their lives and health. His core principle is that people are geniuses with amazing skills, qualities and talents, and he hopes he can help as many people as possible to find that out about themselves.

Since then he has trained practitioners who deliver it in 15 countries and on 5 different continents. He continues to develop and research the Lightning Process approach and to make it available to everyone who could benefit from it.

Phil now runs an internationally renowned practice, based in London. People from all over the world and all walks of life, including actors, celebrities and sports personalities are drawn to his work, which has been translated into a number of languages.


Why The Words You Say To Yourself Matter
Phil ParkerFuture You
How good could you be? Phil, believes you are a genius. And that you have amazing untapped skills. And he knows how to make you believe that too.
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