Taylor Davidson

Acknowledge Process

Taylor Davidson helps entrepreneurs build innovative ideas into remarkable companies, working with consumer and enterprise businesses in digital media, imagery, mobile, and more.

He has invested and advised a number of early-stage startups throughout his career as a venture capitalist, consultant, advisor, and mentor.

Taylor was formerly an early-stage venture capitalist at a US-based advertising agency, where in addition to investing in startups he co-created an internal educational program about venture capital and entrepreneurship and co-curated the book Creative Entrepreneurship to share this educational goal with anyone in the world.

Over 12,000 entrepreneurs have downloaded one of his template financial models for startups.


Acknowledge Process
Taylor DavidsonBusiness
Taylor Davidson talks about the power of living in the moment. He thinks we need to celebrate the process more, rather than the end goal, so that people feel encouraged to dedicate time to learning new things by doing them.
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