Hustle, Hustle, Meltdown.


The treadmill is on max.

Right now, we are feeling it. Yoga is mainstream. Ditto for Meditation. Adult colouring books sell in the millions. We draw to forget. We look at a screen before we look at a cloud. We check our phones 221 times a day and wonder why the battery doesn’t last. Generation AO (Always On). Our popularity gets measured in ‘likes’. More followers. Lower self-esteem. We can’t watch a film without dual- screening. Triple-screening. FOMO. But ‘YOLO’ Email. Email. Email. Zero inbox. Zero chance. Oh boy. We are more connected. But less present. Time is a luxury. Ditto for privacy. We have apps to help us sleep. But phones that make us wired. Our brain patterns mirror addiction. And Dopamine is the drug of choice. We can’t leave work. The gym is in the basement. The Canteen is on the 2nd floor. And the bar is on the roof. We have personalised yoga mats. But sit scrunched over computers for 8 hours straight. We work on holidays. We work at home. We work on weekends. Overtime is the norm. But we are tired of being tired. The treadmill is on max. And we can’t keep up.

Can work, work better?

The year phones get faster and human don’t.

The World Health Organisation predicts that work-related stress, burnout, and depression will top the list of the world’s most prevalent diseases by 2020, while IT guys predict that this same year, 5G will usher in the next major phase of telecommunication.

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