Focus On How You Can Exhale And Smile.



Sometimes, what you need is a break. To put some distance between the day-to-day, and just get away from everything and everybody. Your best ideas don’t come from sitting in front of a computer. When you are caught up in the daily, you can only think of what is directly in front of you. But, it’s your job to understand where things are going. What will the future be? You need to know that before it arrives. Leave town. Working in your business is different from working on your business.


Celebrate small victories. We feel guilty when we take time off. Don’t. Seldom do we have our best ideas at our desk. Go run. Instead of comparing yourself to others, compare yourself to a tree. An ocean. That should make you feel even smaller. If that’s the aim. Your best friend should be you. Stop finding fault with everything you do. How about some kind words, how about a pat on the back for yourself.

Exhale and smile.

We don’t need to be balanced when things are all going our way. We are already balanced. We need to use tools to keep us balanced when things come at us to throw us off-kilter. One of the easiest is to exhale and smile. Sounds far too easy. Except it is hard to be angry and smile at the same time. In fact, the body can’t do it. And the mistake we make when things get stressed is to concentrate on breathing in. But if we exhale, that is a far bigger way to stop us from getting so stressed.

Molehills not mountains.

One of the biggest skills you will have to learn to do the best work you have ever done, is to provide context to a problem. It is easy to add petrol to a fire, the most powerful tools to do this are anger and heightened emotions. But what the fire needs from you is to take away the oxygen to it. Starve it of what fuels it. Context does this. Reframe it as a molehill and not a mountain. See it for what it is, but not worse than it is. The skill is to provide context, not exaggeration.

The best fighter is never angry.
Lao Tzu

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