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Visual cues are important.

Sure, talents can guide you toward a project or career, but it’s pretty damn easy to lose your drive if it isn’t personal.

In order to stay motivated in the long-haul, your goals need to align with your values.

In other words, your side project needs to be tied to an integral part of you. It has to connect to something you care about — something you’re willing to fight for. That’s what will get you through the bad bits.

Sometimes it takes stopping for a moment and really thinking about the following questions. They might lead to the same answer, but they might not.

Remember these. They’ll come in handy.

What gets you up in the morning?

Tip focus:

We’re going to say this once. Don’t sleep by your phone.

When you use your phone as an alarm clock, more often than not, you look at it while you’re lying in bed. This also means that it’s the first thing that you look at in the morning. And that you’re most likely checking your email before you’ve even thought about what your priorities are for the day.

Knock that off.

Instead, get up and don’t look at your phone.

Try keeping a stack of sticky notes next to the sink in the bathroom. When you start your morning routine, write down 3 things to focus on for the day. Then stick them to the back of your phone. Why? Because we’ve already established that you have your phone with you at all times.

Visual cues are important. Remove the sticky notes once the task is complete.

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