Stress Isn’t The Problem.


It’s how we view it.

The truth is, stress serves us in a lot of ways.

It’s that extra jolt that helps us meet deadlines, stop hitting snooze, and push through that 3pm post-coffee-break slump. It’s what keeps us moving. Doing.

The problem is that there’s a line. A place where it’s no longer energising, but all-consuming. Weighted. That’s when stress becomes that big ugly beast.

But let’s step back for just a moment. When its managed correctly, stress leaves our bodies a bit stronger and healthier than they were prior to stressful experiences. And it actually protects our cardiovascular systems. It lets us know that something we care about is at stake, and it pushes us to be social. It can even increase mental stamina, with heightened awareness, new perspectives, a sense of mastery, strengthened priorities, deeper relationships, a greater appreciation of life, and a sense of meaning. Really. It’s just the bit we’re not often told.

The point is that small doses of stress are good, but too much becomes bad. But one of the biggest factors of all is how we view it.

Our perspective plays a much bigger part than originally thought.

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