The Best Time To Start Saving Was 30 Years Ago. Or Today.


So, yes to have begun saving 30 years ago would have been the smartest thing, but not starting at all is the dumbest of things, so start today.

It will allow you to have choices of doing what you want, not what you have to. And if you start today, you will feel like you are at least doing something. You are at least paddling, even if you are still heading toward the falls.

Take a percentage of what you earn, no matter how little you earn or how much you earn. A percentage of that needs to be set aside that you’re going to keep for you and your family. You’re not going to spend it on this and that. You’re not going to give it to anybody else. The best way to save is never to see that money at all.

And, set up that direct debit and say goodbye to it. Even before you said hello to it.

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