This Is How A Marker And Calendar Can Change Your Life.

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Tiny habits will change your life.

A Stanford professor called BJ Fogg is leading the way in behaviour change. He believes the way to make a lasting change is to baby step your way to it.
He believes three elements must converge at the same time for a behaviour to occur: motivation, ability and trigger. His students include one of the founders of Instagram.

The trick to the trigger is to attach it to something you already do. For example, every time I have a shower, I now always do 100 Pilates sit-ups. In short, tiny habits works by designing out the need for motivational levels, which can come and go with the wind. A celebratory pat on the back is important. Because you are rewriting your identity as someone who succeeds.

The power of the streak.

Tiny habits are a superpower. Sometimes when we pick a huge goal the sheer mammoth size of the goal or the task can defeat us. Our brain can’t imagine it. So, we are destined to fail. But with a tiny habit repeated daily, then we think this isn’t so hard, and we just get on and do it. And the trick is not to set the bar too high. And hold yourself to account for doing it each day. The superpower of a streak is after a while, you just don’t want to break the streak, because you have invested so much in it already. The fear of the loss is greater than the pain of quitting. And so, it continues.

Attach a new habit to something you do every day.

Each day you have your routine. Why not use it to make a change? Use the
things you do every day to piggyback a new habit that helps you either get better, emotionally stronger, financially stronger. For example, when I do my pilates sit-ups in the shower, not only am I getting clean, but I am also having a mini workout. And I don’t even think about it. Of course, if I am in a hotel, the showers are so small, well, this is impossible. But other than that. It works.

Attach more pain to the old way of doing things rather than the new way.

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