Andy Kirkpatrick | Climb Your Own Mountain


Andy Kirkpatrick
Climb Your Own Mountain

Adventurer, Author and Film Maker

Running time: 37m 07s

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Andy mixes stories about life and climbs, one minute terrifying, the next hilarious, a style described by the Banff film festival as “Turning tales of near death into philosophical and comic scenarios worthy of Samuel Beckett, or Monty Python.”

Andy has a reputation for seeking out routes where the danger is real, and the return is questionable, pushing himself on some of the hardest walls and faces in the Alps and beyond, although personally he prefers Metro's tag that he “makes Ray Mears look like Paris Hilton”.

Whether he’s telling a story about a 12 day solo of the hardest climb on the planet, a month long crossing of Greenland with his paraplegic girlfriend or saving Johnny Depp on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, rest assured you won’t have heard anything quite like it. 


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