Rob Penn

Cyclist and Author

Rob Penn rides a bicycle to get to work, sometimes for work, to keep fit, to bathe in air and sunshine, to travel, to go shopping, to stay sane, to savour the physical and emotional fellowship of riding with friends, for fun, to scare himself and to hear his boy laugh. He’s ridden a bicycle most days of his adult life.

In his late twenties, he gave up a career as a lawyer and spent three years cycling around the world. His book, 'It’s All About the Bike: the Pursuit of Happiness on Two Wheels', has been translated into eight languages.

Rob lives in the Black Mountains, South Wales with his wife and three children and commutes to work across a heather moor on a mountain bike.


An Ode To The Bicycle
Rob PennAdventure
Are you sitting uncomfortably? The importance of the bike in the history of the world. Inspiring talk from Rob Penn.
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