Anna Young | A Maker Revolution In Health


Anna Young
A Maker Revolution In Health

Co-founded Pop Up Labs

DO Wales 2017
Running time: 22m 00s

Filed in: Technology


“Everyone can hack health.”

MakerNurse co-founder Anna Young works from a fundamental belief that, with the right tools, everyday people can use their own ingenuity to create devices that heal.

Anna and her team at MIT’s Little Devices Lab have applied years of global experience with the Maker Movement to bring rapid prototyping tools into hospital units to enhance the natural, do-it-yourself problem solving abilities of nurses. These Medical Maker Spaces allow providers to work alongside patients to create DIY health technology solutions for more customised and affordable care.

MakerNurse, powered by Pop Up Labs, uses a virtual community called Create for transfer of knowledge among these healthcare makers.


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