Brian John | Dispelling The Stonehenge Myth


Brian John
Dispelling The Stonehenge Myth

Author of ‘The Bluestone Enigma’ and ‘The Angel Mountain Saga’

DO Wales 2010
Running time: 30m 17s

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Supposedly mystical bluestones found their way to Stonehenge, and the world likes to think that Neolithic tribesmen were responsible. Brian has another theory.

The mystical bluestones lay scattered on the Preseli hills, the bluestone myth goes something like this:

The non-indigenous spotted dolerite bluestones were chosen for their unique characteristics. They originated from a single source, Carn Meini in Pembrokeshire’s Preseli Hills. There is no natural explanation for their presence, glacial transportation being discounted by successive generations of archaeologists.

All of this suggests that they must have been hauled from Preseli to Stonehenge by a tremendous human effort, indicating some special mystical, spiritual or therapeutic significance to the source, the stones, or both.

Brian John has another theory.


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