Steve Wilson

Founder of 21c Museum Hotel

“Most of our friends told us that it wasn't going to work.”

After a series of developments encroached upon rural Kentucky’s farmland, Steve Wilson with wife Laura Lee Brown, decided to make a considerable contribution toward revitalising their hometown.

Combining this with their love for contemporary art and a shared mission to make this more a part of peoples daily lives, they founded the 21c Museum Hotels, a space that celebrates local Kentuckian hospitality, farming, preservation, philanthropic giving and contemporary art.

The series of hotels now has locations in Louisville, Cincinnati. Bentonville and Durham, with more under construction. The husband and wife team also own and operate Hermitage Farm a historic, working thoroughbred and sport horse farm in Goshen, Kentucky.


A Modern Day Willy Wonka
Steve WilsonCreativity
Troubled by development encroaching upon rural Kentucky’s farmlands, preservationists and contemporary art collectors Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson sought to reverse the trend toward suburban sprawl by making a considerable contribution toward rev...
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