Steve Edge

Prophet, Madman, Wanderer, Brand Guru and Fisherman

“Dress for a party and the party will come to you.”

Steve is Charlotte Street’s flamboyant designer and branding guru.

A designer, jockey, fisherman and honorary Eagle Dancer of a North American Indian tribe, Steve is the self-styled Lord Shoreditch. He has worked with George Lucas, Cartier, Dior Marks & Spencer, Fortnum & Mason, Lock & Co and Austin Reed, to name a few. But there is more to him than all his colourful attributes and Oscar Wilde-like apparel.

Being severely dyslexic, Edge claims never to have read a book. Yet he attributes his success in having his word blindness diagnosed early, at age four. At 13, he got a part-time job at IPC Media, helping with the layout process of the magazines. It was here he found his talent.

He now believes that if he can look at a piece of design before it leaves the studio and immediately grasp the message, then anyone should be able to understand it. His dyslexia has taught him how to communicate better, quicker and more clearly.


Why You Should Have A Party Everyday
Steve EdgeCreativity
Dyslexia can help your business rather than hurt it. Steve Edge, the designer, jockey, fisherman and honorary Eagle Dancer of a North American Indian tribe, will tell you how.

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